So what is the The Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy?

The Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy is a comprehensive online course.  As a member of Aly's Alumni, you will get a refresh on all of Aly's philosophies and training strategies.  This is everything that Aly trains at her facility in beautiful Arroyo Grande, CA.  

You will learn everything from dog psychology, to basic commands, and everything else you need to know to go live life with your dog in a safe, sane, and civilized way. 

Not only will you get 35+ videos, you will also receive access to our private Facebook group.  Aly gets on once a week to personally answer questions. 

This course is everything you need! This is a VERY special offer to the Alumni of Aly's in person training.   This course retails for $497 but for Aly's Alumni she wants you to have it for only $99.  JOIN NOW!  

Have some questions?

We have some answers!

If I'm alumni, I've already gone through the training, right? 

You have gone through a graduation, which does cover everything...but your dog has already been taught it for you. This course is designed to teach you how/why I train the dogs the way I do.

Many of my graduates from Aly's Acres in-person training often find graduation overwhelming.  You can easily forget, life happens. This is a tune up for you and your dog without coming back to Aly's acres.

How do these videos differ from the videos you've got on social media?

The videos on social media are snippets of a single subject. The Academy is a comprehensive training program. It's really like a visual book. The Academy videos have a specific order.  It's my proven training sequence, and I show beginning through advanced work with dogs. 

Is there a certain timeframe I have to complete the course?

No! There is no set time, you watch, learn and practice the entire course at your own pace.

How many times can I watch the videos?

Over and over! That's exactly why I created it. I know seeing it once sometimes isn't enough. It's all there for you to watch, learn and practice at your own pace and as many times as you need to. 

Sneak Peak...

9 Categories, 35's everything you need to know!


This is a VERY special offer to the Alumni of Aly's in person training. This course retails for $497 but for Aly's Alumni she wants you to have it for only $99. JOIN NOW!

"THESE VIDEOS ARE INCREDIBLY HELPFUL" Aly is superbly clear, concise, hands on with what helps us and our puppies & dogs live our lives. Her Pillars of Pack Leadership method is an effective combination of Balanced dog training and Positive dog training, with a focus on body language and crystal clear communication with dogs. She uses many types of reinforcement, but without the total dependence on treats. She teaches us how to teach our dogs to THINK and choose to be calm. Big difference. I highly recommend the Academy to you all."

Yasko Endo and Bodhi

"Alyson Rodgers’ Pillars of Pack Leadership is an outstanding, step-by-step, guide for training your dog. Her kind, consistent approach has left me prepared to properly train and continue training my dog for life. I would highly recommend this course to everyone who has a dog or is thinking about getting one."

Kerri Karas

"Thanks to Aly Rodges and her Pillars of Pack Leadership®, we have the best dog in the world (if you don't believe me, just ask my husband or daughter.) Aly's ideas-communicated clearly and with humor-go so far beyond mere obedience training. She taught us to "speak dog": to be calm and cosistent, to create the foundation for a relationship that, three years later, is still yielding positive results."

Peggy Orenstein
New York Times Best-Selling Author

"Alyson Rodges was that rare student that actually did everything I told her to do, and she's done it very well! I have witnessed her expertise and compassion for her dogs and her people. I'm excited to see what she contributes next to our dog training world."

Marc Golberg
Hall of Fame dog trainer & Co-Author of Let Dogs Be Dogs

"With a twinkle in her eye, Aly transforms the challenging task of convincing your dog that YOU are the pack leader into a lifelong practice that's fun and makes perfect sense. The most wonderful lesson Aly taught our family is that there is a fundamental difference between a dog that's just being compliant to your rules and a dog that is accepting of you and your family as the pack leaders. This state of being actually makes for a happier, calmer, well-adjusted makes for a dog that knows that he or she is being led properly, which makes them fell safe. A true dog pack mentality."

Marnie, Reed, and Eilis Diamond

"Alyson not only trains dogs, she trains and equips owners and breeders to become the pack leader that their dog needs. We have referred many, many of our pet families to her and will continue to do so, because we know that any dog (or person) who goes through Aly's training will benefit greatly."

Kristen and Brandon Silva
Owners of Brasken Labradoodles

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