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Who is Alyson?

So you wanna know a little more about me? Well thank you, get ready, get set, here goes…

I’m Alyson Rodges, and I like to call myself the average person’s, Dr. Doolittle. I have been talking to the animals since I took my first horseback riding lesson when I was 6 and hooked on working with dogs since my first obedience class when I was 12. It’s been a life-long love affair with dogs and horses ever since!

Before I share my past life and how and why I started my business I will share a few quirky facts.

The Official Story:

My friends and family call me the energizer bunny because I have lived life on full throttle since I was a kid. I am a wife, mother, sister, friend, blogger, writer, national competitor in the National Reined Cow Horse Association, and Doodle Whisperer! I have enough energy to light up Las Vegas, which when you are a puppy trainer, is a necessary commodity.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 18 and have worked with family and friends through it all!   My faith, my family and my friends have always sustained me through my ventures.  I opened up 8 frozen yogurt stores with my sister before retiring from that industry in 1999. In college, I began selling Mark Kay Cosmetics and won the use of a Team Leader car! Then in my mid 30’s I started training kids how to ride horses and did that for years before I resumed my non-pro showing career in my mid-40’s! I was a multi-time qualifier to the NRCHA World Championship show when I started showing my Paint Horse, Repeat Plan. Basically, if I have a passion and love for something, I go for it!

How My Journey Began:

In 1999, I had decided to retire from the frozen yogurt industry and I decided that I was ready for a puppy!   Hence, my first Labradoodle, Izzie, came into my life, and a new passion–Loving Doodles–was born. Izzie was the one-night result of my friend’s champion Labradoor Retriever, and Louie, the only AKC Standard Poodle ranch dog in our local farming community.   I’ve been blessed to own and train the BEST doodles in the World! Through the years our Doodle family has included Kozi, Bo, Minnie, Jackson and Bonnie!  Although at Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp, we train every age and breed of dog, in dog-training land and among breeders, I’m affectionately known as the Doodle Whisperer!

I was always the family member and friend who would ‘baby-sit’ your dog for you and fix some of it’s issues along the way. My friend’s would jokingly say, “You give our dogs some life management skills”.   So what began as a hobby of helping friends and family with their dogs quickly turned into a full-time business for me. Fast forward to 2012 when Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp® premiered. I hit the ground running, and haven’t looked back.

  • 2013 -attended LAW workshop with Brian Agnew and Cheri Lucas Clinic.  Certified in their “Leading By Example” formula.  Brian and Cheri have worked extensively with Cesar Milan, and were featured in his show, The Dog Whisperer.
  • 2013-Trademark was granted to Alyson Rodges for Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp® and The Pillars of Pack Leadership® training concepts.
  • In 2014 attended Marc Goldberg’s clinic and became a certified trainer of the ForceFree™ Method of training for off-leash reliability.
  • In 2014 became an AKC Canine Good Citizens evaluator.
  • In 2014 attended Chad Mackin Pack2Basics™ workshop.
  • In 2014, 2015, 2016 attended IACP Annual Conference  and attended lectures and workshops with renowned trainers worldwide.
  • In 2015- attended Heather Beck’s “Working with Difficult Dogs” clinic at K-9 Lifeline Dog Behavior Solutions in Draper, Utah.
  • In 2015 attended Marc Goldberg’s week-long shadow program at The Chicago Dog Trainer’s Little Farm in Elgin, Illinois.
  • In 2015 attended Wendy Volhard’s “Healthy Dog Conference” in Templeton, California.
  • In 2016 attended Lucas Agnew “Raw Intuitive Talent-The Missing Link” workshop.
  • In 2016 attended Kayce Cover  workshop and became certified in SATS  “Perception Modification” and “Conditioned Relaxation”.
  • In 2017 attended Chad Mackin Behavior Trouble-Shooting workshop.

My Business and Vision:

I’ve come to see that ‘life management skills’ are really what is needed for our 4-legged friends. We passionately love our dogs and want them part of our everyday life; however, they often can’t participate the way we’d like until they can behave nicely enough to make daily living pleasant for both owner and pooch.

My training philosophy is simply that we train our dogs while we are living our everyday life. The best way for a dog to learn how to live in a civilized way in your home, well… is to live in your home in a civilized way.

The fulfillment of my vision culminated with the creation of my training concepts, the Pillars of Pack Leadership®, which are 5 foundational concepts that are broken down into manageable blocks of information that real people can implement into their real lives.   I have a VERY BUSY LIFE so I truly understand how busy life can get for each of us.

How Do I Run My Business?

Pooches live a life that is exposed to kids, family of all ages, animals, distractions, schedules, friends, errands, noises, smells, etc. Pooches become part of our extended family. With our social calendar, our pooches are exposed to a multitude of experiences that teach them how to cope with reality in a calm state of mind. We ‘party proof’ our pooches!

Naturally, all the basics of walking nicely on a loose-lead and basic obedience (“sit/wait”, “come”, “down”, “off”, “back” , “no” , “paws up” and working around distraction) are covered. Other essential areas covered in our program are potty training, kennel/crate training, chewing, jumping, barking, digging, and socialization with children in the house. As your pooch is ready, additional items like treadmill, driving in cars, grooming—and doing it all in a calm, polite way are introduced.   And through it all, your pooch learns impulse control and adrenaline management—a trait most parents wish their teenagers had more of, HA!

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