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Alyson Rodges, a renowned dog trainer and true doodle fanatic, has created the perfect set of training videos for new puppy parents. 


3 Easy Ways
to Stop
Leash Pulling

My goal for walking a dog on a leash is no funny business.  I should be able to have my hot tea in the same hand as my leash and not spill a drop! 


This is what we live and breathe over on Aly's Acres, every dog that comes to my in-person training goes on this schedule.  

Everything You Need to Know to Potty Train Your Puppy

I have never met a puppy parent who didn't ask me about potty training!  This video is everything you need to know to potty train your pup! The name really does say it all. 

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Here's What You'll Learn

By joining the Puppy Club today, you are going to have answers to the most commonly asked puppy questions. You've already picked an amazing puppy, now its time to start your new life together on the right paw!

Aly’s in-person training is in very high demand, and she can’t possibly train every puppy, so she put together an 'essentials' package just for new puppy parents.  The club gives you access to a selection of puppy training essentials covering her most requested puppy topics. You will get...

  • Aly's Schedule for Success PLUS Rules to Live By (it’s the secret sauce to getting your puppy started out right!) 
  • DIGITAL VIDEO:  Everything You Need to Know to Potty Train Your Puppy
  • DIGITAL VIDEO:  3 Easy Ways to Stop Leash Pulling
  • BONUS: Includes discounts on her book and leash
  • EXCLUSIVE OFFER: A special 50% discount to her online Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy….it’s the next best thing to training in person with Aly!

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